How Meditation Helps With The Law of Attraction

If you want to connect your energy to the Universal energy that powers the Law of Attraction you need to get into doing daily Meditation.

Meditation calms the mind of useless and unwanted thoughts and ideas that are a seemingly endless flow through the mind and it allows you to focus and concentrate on what you really want in your life.

There is nothing magical or tedious about meditation as it can be done anywhere at anytime, even if you are sitting in the bathroom…all it takes is for you to change your focus and be with your every breath. Then start to listen to your own intuition, the little voice inside of you. You can read more about meditation in another post I wrote here.

So I hear you asking, why is meditation so necessary…this is because it helps you to get in touch with your own personal energy field. When you become in tune with your higher self, you can literally FEEL the Law of Attraction working and you can feel the objects of your desire rushing forward to greet you.

As an example, one day I was sitting at home and waiting for a package to arrive by Fedex. I was getting fed up with waiting for them as I wanted to go out but the package needed a signature. Then I remembered if i tune into the energy of the Fedex truck, I will know how much longer I have to wait for it to arrive. As I did this, I could feel this strange rush of energy which was getting stronger and stronger, then I looked out of the window, and there was the truck pulling up outside the house. I had literally felt the energy of the truck coming towards me.

You can do this too, with anything you want. We are all blessed with the same powers, it is just up to us to tap into our powers and use them in our daily lives.

If you have had a great experience with the Law of Attraction as I have, please leave a comment in the box below and share your knowledge with the rest of us…

See you soon!

Namaste, Isabella.



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Isabella Bloom is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who was born in London and was educated at the University of Canterbury. As a young child she was deeply immersed in Eastern philosophies and grew up with an extensive understanding of True Spirituality. Isabella is also an Intuitive and Channeler and relays Spiritual messages for those who ask.

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