Eating High Vibration Food for Better Health

Just like everything else in the Universe, our food also vibrates at certain frequencies. We need to continually eat the foods that are fresh, uncontaminated by pesticides and are suitable to our body types. You will know if it is suitable to your body, just by how you feel about it and if you like it or not. In some cases of illness however, there may be certain foods that you don’t like that your body needs for your recovery.

Food that is starting to spoil is losing its vitality and therefore its ability to nourish us, so try to avoid eating it. When you are choosing fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, or your local market, try to pick out only the freshest and most healthy looking foods. You can train yourself to tune in to the food and feel the life force within it; this way you will know if it is a good purchase for you or not.

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Isabella Bloom is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who was born in London and was educated at the University of Canterbury. As a young child she was deeply immersed in Eastern philosophies and grew up with an extensive understanding of True Spirituality. Isabella is also an Intuitive and Channeler and relays Spiritual messages for those who ask.

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