Is it Best to React or Respond?

Most of the time, most of us are very quick to react to things that are said to us, or situations that happen. We do this without any conscious thought as to how are reactions are going to affect us.

As the Quote by Eckhart Tolle says in the Power of The Now, we tend to associate ourselves with the thought and then the subsequent emotions, unaware of the physical and emotional vibrations we set up for ourselves.

If we react in a negative way to something, either with our thoughts, words or actions, this instantly sets up a negative vibration around us, that draws to us more low frequency energy. This low energy then radiates out to others in our environment and further into the world beyond.

The alternative is to be aware of how we think, and react to life, and in that moment choose rather to respond in a positive and productive way. There is a solution to every problem and nothing requires us to react in a negative way immediately.

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Isabella Bloom is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who was born in London and was educated at the University of Canterbury. As a young child she was deeply immersed in Eastern philosophies and grew up with an extensive understanding of True Spirituality. Isabella is also an Intuitive and Channeler and relays Spiritual messages for those who ask.

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