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By now you have probably heard about the Law of Attraction or the Law of Vibration as I prefer to call it. A lot has been written on this topic over the past few years and many have tried to put the principals into practice and not gotten very far.

The Law of Attraction is more accurately called the Law of Vibration. This is because everything in the Universe is vibrating at different frequencies including you.  The way this Law works is that it attracts like vibrations to itself. So for example, if you are giving out very negative thoughts or vibes as we call it, you will in fact be very strongly attracting negative things into your sphere, that will eventually become manifested in your life.

The Law of Attraction/Vibration is very happy to give you exactly what you want. The only problem is that it can’t think for itself. It doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, it simply goes out to retrieve whatever you are putting out there with your own thoughts and vibrations.

The Law of Vibration has been proven by Science and there are many places you can read about this online. Rather than bore you with the Science of this wonderful Universal Law, which is a great gift to everyone, here are some clues to making it work for you.

Rules of the Law of Vibration

The Law of Vibration is like bouncing a ball against a wall. Whatever is stuck to that ball will come right back at you. Negative thoughts or beliefs will continue to happen, just as a positive attitude will attract good things into your life.

  1. The first step is to be certain of what you want and set some definite parameters. Being vague about what you want or need in your life will not produce good results for you. Be as specific as you can. For Example: “I need a parking space near my appointment” VS “I need a parking space only a few metres away from my appointment and a space will become available to me as I arrive”. See the difference? The second request is much more definitive.
  2. Ignore the reality of whatever the current situation is. It doesn’t matter what circumstances you find yourself in, you can change it to your benefit with your own energy vibrations and thoughts. Yes, you DO have that much Power!
  3. Once you have decided on exactly what it is you wish to manifest, you have to set your INTENTION to get it. By this I mean, you need to focus this idea in your mind, having absolutely no thought of doubt about it happening or coming your way. If you let a doubtful thought slip into your mind, you reset the process and send out a confusing message to the Universe. First you said I want this thing, and then you said but I can’t have it…
  4. Now this is a big rule: You need to be in a good vibrational space to receive what it is you want. If you are not open to receiving what you are asking for, how can it ever come to you? If you have thoughts like ” this is cheating” or ‘I don’t deserve it” or “this is too easy”, then your chances of success will be very limited. I am here to tell you that you do deserve all you desire and you can manifest it as well.

The Law of Attraction applies to all things in life and is limitless in what it can manifest. From being successful at an interview over others who are perhaps more qualified, to changing the mind of another to better suit your needs and theirs. However, there is one word of caution. Whatever you wish to create, make sure it is not to hurt anyone or anything and that it will serve the good of all concerned. If this is not the case, it will either fail, or bring you an unhappy result.

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Namaste, Isabella Bloom

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Isabella Bloom is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who was born in London and was educated at the University of Canterbury. As a young child she was deeply immersed in Eastern philosophies and grew up with an extensive understanding of True Spirituality. Isabella is also an Intuitive and Channeler and relays Spiritual messages for those who ask.

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