An ‘Attitude Adjustment’ Will Improve Your Life!

Quantum Physics (Science) tells us that all things arise out or a quantum void, a kind of nothingness where there are endless possibilities that are yet to be created. This quantum void energy contains all possible outcomes and infinite potential that is just waiting to be vibrated into life. As soon as consciousness or thought thinks about a particular outcome then all these infinite possibilities can be manifested into form or what you see in your life.


So what does this mean in simple terms,? It means that what you think is what you create, or manifest to appear in your life. This Quantum void, has no judgement on the infinite possibilities that it can create, it just IS, and whether you have a good thought or a so called bad one, it will produce what you think about.

How can an attitude adjustment help you life a happier life? Imagine this void, this space with nothing in it, and here you are filling it up with thoughts of FEAR, CONFUSION, WORRY, DEPRESSION, ANGER, NON-FORGIVENESS, SELF CRITICISM, LONELINESS etc, what you are creating for yourself is exactly all those things.


If you change your attitude, even just a little to a more positive outlook, even if you don’t believe it, things will immediately change in your life. How does this actually happen? Well science has now proven that thoughts are vibrating energy, and energy attracts to itself the same likeness. So if you have a negative thought, about something going wrong that you really want to go right, the negative thought energy will simply attract the negative thing to happen. Of course, the reverse is also true, thinking of the things you do want to attract into your life will bring those things into focus and the will manifest for you.

Here is the great thing about Vibration and Quantum energy; this phenomenon works even when you want to change another person’s attitude towards you. For example. say you have a boss who is always judgmental of you and never gives out any praise for the good job you do. With your own thoughts you can change this situation by simply thinking and visualising that person giving you praise and knowing that you deserve it. Yes! It’s that simple!

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Isabella Bloom is a Spiritual Teacher and Author who was born in London and was educated at the University of Canterbury. As a young child she was deeply immersed in Eastern philosophies and grew up with an extensive understanding of True Spirituality. Isabella is also an Intuitive and Channeler and relays Spiritual messages for those who ask.

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