How to Stop Being a Slave to Your EGO

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During many years of working with people, I have come to realise that many people don’t have a clear definition of what the EGO is, or even that their suffering in life is controlled by it. The dictionary definition of the Ego is that your EGO is your ‘self confidence’ but in truth that is only a small part of what it is and how it operates in your life.

In fact you have two Egos, One is the False Ego which is the one we use to identify ourselves as different or separate from everyone and everything else, and the other is our True Ego or the REAL us which is One with the whole Universe, also called the Spirit or our Soul.

The Ego and it’s Tricks

To give an analogy, The One Spirit (Soul) is like the vast Ocean of love which we are all a part of. Our Ego consciousness believes that we are separate drops from this Ocean, and when we eliminate the Egoic Mind (and put our drop back into the Ocean) we will know and be conscious of ourselves as One.

Therefore the goal on the Spiritual Path is the elimination of the False Ego so that we can consciously know our true selves are not separate individuals but One with everything. Becoming One with everything is the only path to True freedom and the end of all suffering. This makes your False Ego a luxury you cannot afford to have if you wish to have a happy life because it thrives on problems and when there aren’t any problems it will create them for you.

If our Ego’s didn’t have any problems they would most likely be starving! The ego eats suffering for breakfast, lunch and dinner! The Ego eats fear, criticism, worry, complaining, negativity, selfishness, unwanted thoughts, and it loves praise and boosting itself up for desert. The list of favorite foods that the Ego likes is actually endless, and always revolves around self interest. When we act in a purely selfless way, we are coming from Spirit and not Ego unless we are expecting an Ego boost or some kind of reward for our kindness.

The main goal of the Ego is separatism, and it will go to great lengths to keep itself separate from other Egos. The Ego identifies itself as separate through the roles we play as mother, father, brother, boss etc, and through the beliefs we were taught by our parents and caregivers growing up. There are many other ways the Ego likes to prove it is separate from others through pride, possession, greed, lust, anger, jealousy, control, depression, sadness, resentment, co dependence and the list goes on and on…

As I mentioned earlier, the goal on the Spiritual Path is to Eliminate the Ego in order to unveil our true selves as the One Infinite Spirit that we are. Our Ego however, goes to great length to prevent us from seeing the Truth, enjoying itself by feeling sorry for itself most days, and thus hiding our amazing inherent powers to create a wonderful life for ourselves…

How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Ego

“Conquer your mind, and you will have conquered the earth” – Meher Baba

Once you have an understanding of how the Ego (False I) works, you can start to become a Conscious Observer of your own life. One way to begin is to take better notice of your thoughts in each moment. Make it easy on yourself, when you are at home and not too busy with life, just take a few minutes to notice what you are thinking about and how you are thinking. 

Are your thoughts full of worry or negativity? If they are, this is the Egoic Mind churning over and over and making you believe that you have many problems or that life is in fact full of issues and difficult. It doesn’t have to be this way. Instead choose to the think the opposite thoughts, think about how you would like the outcome of certain things to be, regardless of the apparent situations. Learn to ignore what you perceive as problems and see only the best solutions or outcomes.

By doing this you will achieve two things. You will be training your mind to be positive and not reactive to every little thing in your life and you will be manifesting what you DO want in life instead of what you don’t want. You see that in reality there are no problems, all is Mind, and all can be changed with just a different thought about it. This is the Law of Attraction (Vibration) and Manifestation.

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